We see you, we feel you, we hear you and that is exactly why we are giving you the concepts, tools and techniques you require to access your own unique wisdom.

Experience a life of purpose, own your power and be present as your true self.

Unique Community is awakening families and individuals to create deep and meaningful connections.

Happy, healthy, peaceful, loving lifestyles through educational talks, courses, workshops & healing retreats.



"I thoroughly recommend it. It's a journey and well worth doing. To anyone committed to doing the Unique Healing Process you have a lot to look forward to, you will experienced so much. You won't regret it! My message to Michael is thank you so much. I've loved every minute."

~ Kylie (2019) Unique Healing Process Level 1

“Now that I’ve completed the retreat I feel like I’ve been reborn. I feel really clear and my emotions are settled and relaxed and my spirit is very happy and dancing. I feel inner calm, which was my intention before I started.”

~ Saffron (2019) Rejuvenation Retreat

“I met Michael and Tamara at the Sydney Mind Body and Spirit Festival and instantly felt their genuine, compassionate care and passion to help, empower and heal others.. I was present at one of Michaels healing sessions and his unique ability to create a high vibrational healing space and offer his intuitive gifts as a channel to provide healing for the mind, body and spirit was truly remarkable to see. Healing at its highest level.”

~ Catherine (Apr 2019) Treatment @ MindBodySpirit

“What an amazing experience! Michael is so peaceful and calm I felt at ease right away. The scan he did was so accurate, I was floored. I hadn't spoken to Michael about what was happening for me before hand and yet he was able to pick up on pain points and things that I have been struggling with...even picking up something in my cellular make up that had only recently been confirmed my a full genome reading! Incredible! I will certainly be back for more. Thank you so much Michael.”

~ Kat (Jun 2019) Psychic Body Scan

“I had a session with Michael Clarke at the Mind, body, spirit Expo in Sydney...it was a turning point for me. For ten years I have been standing at the edge of a precipice...longing to step over and connect to Me, my life and God...Michael pushed me!! The last six weeks have been a mess - highs, lows, rage, grief...joy, life, Mikhaila! I have deep gratitude and respect towards Michael, thank you brother”

~ Mikhaila (Oct 2018) Treatment @ MindBodySpirit

“I find it incredible the results and incredible that I was part of those results. If you let the process go, and just go with the flow and trust it, you get results. For people considering doing the Unique Healing Process, I think it's a really worthwhile investment of your time, your energy, your livelihood.”

~ John (2019) Unique Healing Process & Medical Intuitive Certificate

"If you're curious about doing the course, you're curious about finding something within yourself that you need to shine light on and share with the world, keep practicing, forgive yourself when things get in the way and come back to love and acceptance "

~ Ali (2019) Unique Healing Process Level 1

“I feel so lucky being a part of the Rejuvenation Retreat, I highly recommend it. I’m really grateful for everyone in the team, thank you very much.”

~ Micaela (2019) Rejuvenation Retreat

"If it feels right, just do it. Don't hold on. There's nothing to hold on to, just do it because it will change you. "

~ Lydia (2019) Unique Healing Process & Medical Intuitive Certificate

“Michael isn’t afraid to use his intuitive process to connect in ways you might not have experienced before. Michael’s genuine, loving nature shines through to make you feel nurtured and safe.”

~ Karen (2018) Individual Treatment

“Michael is unbelievable. His skills to keep you focused on your healing. His abilities to see what is going on at a deep level and assisting you to move through it, no matter how stubborn you or the problem may be. I see him as like Jesus a healer, wise beyond his years, has a full connection to spirit and can create miracles. Thanks, Michael for being there for me.”

~ Michelle (2018) Individual Treatment

“My experience with Michael was very different to anything I have ever experienced, and I’ve worked in this industry for years. He will clear negative energy from your body, I had a profound energy shift for the better after our session. My thoughts are your worth being the best you.”

~ Robert (2018) Individual Treatment & Unique Healing Process

“After the session was completed I felt a sense of peace and understanding about what had just taken place that day. As I write this testimonial a week after my session I hold much gratitude and respect for Michaels work as a transformational healer. I have had a lot of body work over the years due to illness and injury and I'm aware of the major shift that has taken place since Michaels session. Thank you Michael for sharing your divine self and gift.”

~ Nicole (2018) Individual Treatment & Unique Healing Process

“Amazing skill you have Michael. You are awesome in your discovery’s. I nearly dropped to the floor when you scanned me - so precise”

~ Nyrell (2019) Body Scan