YOU ARE SAFE, WE TRUST YOU and we invite you to open up to us by reading the 6 layers of HEALING.

Our Purpose

(Why do we exist?)
To empower Unique people like you to be the best version of yourself, to own your power, share your gifts with the world and truly make a difference.


Our Vision

(How do we see the future?)
Communities that are abundantly on purpose, with each individual living their life purpose!
Our vision is to have a world of communities where everyone is living their life purpose, while feeling accepted and loved. A world of communities in which each individual has the freedom to create and contribute from the heart, with inspiration. A world of communities where labels, fear, guilt, shame and judgement have been transmuted into empowerment, love and acceptance.


Our Mission

(What do we do?)
We love to support and guide…
If you want to live on purpose, own your unique powers and be present in a way that can make a difference then we can support and guide you along the way.
Simply put, “We love to support people that support people, to support more people”.
Our mission therefore is focused on four inspired actions:
Support Unique individuals with world class experiences that awaken them to their internal wisdom and gifts.
Empower Unique individuals to create a life that is on their terms.
Deliver highly effective personal and business growth guidance to difference makers.
Create communities that collaborate and connect to make a difference.


Our Values

(What is important to us?)

Assuring everyone is heard.

Expressing from the heart with truth.

Looking outside the box.

Being the difference.

Acting on intuition.

 Meet The Unique Community Founders Michael J Clarke & Tamara Haakman

Michael Clarke is a Unique Guide and Medical Intuitive who has created The Unique Healing Process, The FASST growth formula for intuitive businesses and many miracles for patients. He has studied in the fields of Psychosomatic Therapy, Shamanism, Soul Embodiment, NLP, Human Anatomy and Business, but he credits universal intelligence for his unique psychic gifts, ground-breaking teachings and high frequency healings.

Michael was able to access universal intelligence from birth. Michael had his access shut down at a very early age and it wasn’t until he was able to heal the effects of death, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse and much more that his connection to universal intelligence was re-awakened.

Michael is now dedicated to empowering conscious people and those seeking consciousness to enhance their wellbeing, life and love for themselves.  Many of which are children who are labelled as being on the spectrum.

Many healers, coaches & spiritual seekers have experienced amazing, unexplainable physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healings that have awakened them, their children or even their clients to their most profound and unique gifts, through Michael’s gentle, loving and profoundly accurate guidance.

Tamara Bio

Tamara Haakman is a Thought Leader, an Experiential Mentor and an Emotional Analysist.

Tamara Haakman has over 15 years of experience in the Universal Truth of ‘Energetics’. Teachings studied are from Grand Master Choa kok Sui, Advanced Pranic healing and Pranic Psychotherapy as well as advanced spiritual teachings in Arhatic Yoga.  The Russian knowledge (e=vs), Aboriginal healing (Holographic kinetics), Psychosomatics by the late Herman Muller and lastly the ‘Unique Process”, by Michael Clarke. 

After Studying many esoteric works, whilst living with substance and emotional abuse and single handily raising four children, Tamara begun to evaluate her own life.  It was with this self-evaluation and powerful personal growth that her passion for helping people begun. People and experiences that unfolded throughout her life provided a tangible platform for her to develop her body of work.

Tamara has developed her own ‘Unique’ mentoring programmes to reveal each person’s inner world, through the eyes of their current circumstances. These bodies of work have created a solid foundation and have awakened deeper TRUTHS in her life and the lives of others.   

It is with these understandings and teachings that Tamara has developed her Personal Power to become the observer of the Game of Life