Why your mind is merely a tool and why your emotions are KEY to living the life you crave…

My desire is to show you how, by giving you the tools and techniques to take back control and make it happen!

Is this you?

  • You’re yearning for more recognition, from your peers, colleagues and family, because you know deep inside that you can BE more, HAVE more and DO more.
  • You’ve lost the direction in your life, not sure where you’re headed and as a result you’re drowning in self-blame, uncertainty and emotional pain.
  • You’re asking yourself, “WTF am I doing?” And you question why you’re stuck in a total state of self-disgust and bewilderment. You have no idea how you’ve gotten to this point of total loss of self.
  • You’re frequently using self-degrading thoughts and comments, blame yourself for effing up your life and torture yourself emotionally.
  • You believe that you’re not good enough, confused about who you are and where you fit in the world.
  • You see yourself as a failure and you feel stuck as if you’re in a vacuum.

You suffer Anxiety and cannot seem to shake it. Everyday seems like your walking around with mental fog and you find it hard to action your dreams.

Well I’m hearing you, I’m seeing you and I’m feeling you!

You may have lost the connection to self and others, but that sh*t is just a mirror of your warped emotions.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is…

I’m living proof that you can transition from addiction and diversity to harmony while succeeding emotionally to feel fulfilled, happy and joyful.

Yes, I am! How did I succeed I hear you ask?

Well I discovered that my warped emotions came from triggers that were inherited by my father and mother. It was with their patterns, programmes and belief systems that made me the sum of who I was years ago, lost and blaming myself for my relationship failings….

These patterns and programmes kept me stuck, unable to see my current situation’s and experience’s for what they were. I was highly unaware of the emotional entanglements which kept me in a state of depression and anxiety.

But that was then, and this is now. I have successfully deconstructed these hand breaks……and you can too….

By unfolding the layers of inherited pain, from the reflection of your current circumstances…. The same layers are playing out in your life which have inherently kept you stuck.

NOW……. I’m going to prove it to you, by giving you the concepts, tools and techniques to access your own wisdom so that you can experience life from a position of strength, with purpose and presence.

Are you ready to sort your  sh*t out?

Because if the answer is, “No” you’re in the wrong place. But if you’ve said, “OMG! Yes!” I can help. What I know from personal experience is this…

You can do it! You can achieve whatever it is you’re wanting to do. All it takes to kick start the process is a little nudge in the right direction. Hence why you’re here. Because something or someone encouraged you to check out this page and voilà… here you are!

What the programme includes:


Seven weeks of Emotional Mentoring.


  • Exploration of Our Hidden Pattern’s and Program’s.
  • Discovering the Main issue that effects your emotional equilibrium.
  • Emotional guidance to reclaiming/owning Self.
  • How to attract loving stable relationships/friendships.
  • How to set boundaries.
  • Exploration of the energy (emotional) exchange.
  • Deeper knowledge into owning and protecting your power.


Let me guide you to Master your emotions, find confidence, with purposeful direction and become the observer in the game of life….



And you will receive a FREE psychosomatic Face reading valued at $120


Find out more with a 20-minute complimentary session.


Join my seven-week online programme “Becoming Whole” to kick start your life from:

  • Indecision to Decisiveness
  • Confusion into Clarity
  • Frustration into Peace

Get out of your “Monkey Mind” and the programmes of the modern age, to re-connect with yourself, your
emotions and the essence of who you are.