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1:1 Treatments - Sydney

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Following Sydney's MindBodySpirit Festival, Medical Intuitive Michael Clarke will be available for 4 days to provide 1:1 treatments.

Michael has the innate ability to see beyond the walls of the physical body. Michael can see how your organs, glands, bones and inner systems are functioning, sharing with you the root cause of dis-function and guide you toward optimal health, therefore enabling you to manifest your dreams, hopes and desires.

These sessions are for anyone with the desire to create optimal health.

Some of Michaels past clients include:

  • Reproductive System Dysfunction (Endometriosis, Cystic Fibrosis, Infertility etc)

  • Nervous System Dysfunction (Stress, Inflammation, Anxiety etc)

  • Digestive Dysfunction (Gut discomfort, bloating, IBS etc)

  • Endocrine System Dysfunction (Thyroid, Adrenal Glands, Kidneys etc)

  • Energy System Dysfunction (Fatigue, Lack of Motivation, Depression)

  • Relationship Dysfunction (Intimate, family, work etc)

  • Health Fanatics (maintain optimal health)

  • Spirit Seekers (increase your connection to spirit)

  • Self-Nurturers (develop a deeper level of understanding)

Booking times available below

Earlier Event: 17 October
MindBodySpirit Festival - Sydney
Later Event: 22 November
Psychic Body Scans - Melbourne